Wherever I Lay My Pot

Wherever I Lay My Pot

I’ve been thinking more and more in recent times that maybe I should have a change in my life.  I’ve been working in the same profession for over half of my life, and while I love the work, I’m feeling strangely dissatisfied with myself of late.  So, in letting ideas marinate in my mind, I have returned to several of my old hobbies.  One of which being cooking.  

I’ll admit it.  I love food.  I love everything about food.  Growing and harvesting food, hunting food, cleaning food, cooking food, sharing my food with others, and most of all… I LOVE TO EAT IT UP, YUMMM!  So in an effort to share my love of food with the world, I’ve decided that instead of jumping into starting a restaurant and such… I’ll just write about it, while I contemplate the future…

The things that you’ll be able to find here include articles on foods, recipes to make your eyes water and your taste buds sing praises, restaurant reviews, new ideas and old ones too, and maybe a video on prepping turducken or stone soup.

I love food.  My kids love food.  The wife LOVES food.  Damn near the whole world does.  Why not share that love.  It’s something that everyone should be able to come together on.

Well, enough rambling about what this blog’ll be about, I have dinner in the oven!

Yum yummm!